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Counting & Cardinality kcc1 kcc2 kcc3 kcc4a kcc4b kcc4c kcc5 kcc6 kcc7 Operations and Algebraic Thinking koa1 koa2 koa3 koa4 koa5 Number and Operations in Base Ten knbt1 Measurement and Data kmd1 kmd2 kmd3 Geometry kg1 kg2 kg3 kg4 kg5 kg6 Operations and Algebraic Thinking 1oa1 1oa2 1oa3 1oa4 1oa5 1oa6 1oa7 1oa8 Number and Operations in Base Ten 1nbt1 1nbt2a 1nbt2b 1nbt2c 1nbt3 1nbt4 1nbt5 1nbt6 Measurement and Data 1md1 1md2 1md3 1md4 Geometry 1g1 1g2 1g3 Operations and Algebraic Thinking 2oa1 2oa2 2oa3 2oa4 Number and Operations in Base Ten 2nbt1a 2nbt1b 2nbt2 2nbt3 2nbt4 2nbt5 2nbt6 2nbt7 2nbt8 2nbt9 Measurement and Data 2md1 2md2 2md3 2md4 2md5 2md6 2md7 2md8 2md9 2md10 Geometry 2g1 2g2 2g3 Operations and Algebraic Thinking 3oa1 3oa2 3oa3 3oa4 3oa5 3oa6 3oa7 3oa8 3oa9 Number and Operations in Base Ten 3nbt1 3nbt2 3nbt3 Number and Operations—Fractions 3nf1 3nf2a 3nf2b 3nf3a 3nf3b 3nf3c 3nf3d Measurement and Data 3md1 3md2 3md3 3md4 3md5a 3md5b 3md6 3md7a 3md7b 3md7c 3md7d 3md8 Geometry 3g1 3g2 Operations and Algebraic Thinking 4oa1 4oa2 4oa3 4oa4 4oa5 Number and Operations in Base Ten 4nbt1 4nbt2 4nbt3 4nbt4 4nbt5 4nbt6 Number and Operations—Fractions 4nf1 4nf2 4nf3a 4nf3b 4nf3c 4nf3d 4nf4a 4nf4b 4nf4c 4nf5 4nf6 4nf7 Measurement and Data 4md1 4md2 4md3 4md4 4md5a 4md5b 4md6 4md7 Geometry 4g1 4g2 4g3 Operations and Algebraic Thinking 5oa1 5oa2 5oa3 Number and Operations in Base Ten 5nbt1 5nbt2 5nbt3a 5nbt3b 5nbt4 5nbt5 5nbt6 5nbt7 Number and Operations—Fractions 5nf1 5nf2 5nf3 5nf4a 5nf4b 5nf5a 5nf5b 5nf6 5nf7a 5nf7b 5nf7c Measurement and Data 5md1 5md2 5md3a 5md3b 5md4 5md5a 5md5b 5md5c Geometry 5g1 5g2 5g3 5g4 Ratios and Proportional Relationships 6rp1 6rp2 6rp3a 6rp3b 6rp3c 6rp3d The Number System 6ns1 6ns2 6ns3 6ns4 6ns5 6ns6a 6ns6b 6ns6c 6ns7a 6ns7b 6ns7c 6ns7d 6ns8 Expressions & Equations 6ee1 6ee2a 6ee2b 6ee2c 6ee3 6ee4 6ee5 6ee6 6ee7 6ee8 6ee9 Geometry 6g1 6g2 6g3 6g4 Statistics & Probability 6sp1 6sp2 6sp3 6sp4 6sp5a 6sp5b 6sp5c 6sp5d Ratios and Proportional Relationships 7rp1 7rp2a 7rp2b 7rp2c 7rp2d 7rp3 The Number System 7ns1a 7ns1b 7ns1c 7ns1d 7ns2a 7ns2b 7ns2c 7ns2d 7ns3 Expressions & Equations 7ee1 7ee2 7ee3 7ee4a 7ee4b Geometry 7g1 7g2 7g3 7g4 7g5 7g6 Statistics & Probability 7sp1 7sp2 7sp3 7sp4 7sp5 7sp6 7sp7a 7sp7b 7sp8a 7sp8b 7sp8c The Number System 8ns1 8ns2 Expressions & Equations 8ee1 8ee2 8ee3 8ee4 8ee5 8ee6 8ee7a 8ee7b 8ee8a 8ee8b 8ee8c Functions 8f1 8f2 8f3 8f4 8f5 Geometry 8g1a 8g1b 8g1c 8g2 8g3 8g4 8g5 8g6 8g7 8g8 8g9 Statistics & Probability 8sp1 8sp2 8sp3 8sp4